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Your mom posted Nov 8, 17

Hey hey!


As promised, here’s one final progress report to go ahead and catch you all up to speed on our plans for release! I’ll try and keep this one brief and to the point -


For the past few months Vivere has undergone a 'developmental hibernation', taking some time to remedy the system and settling issues that made the previous map of Glistham such a troubled and turmoilous place. Since then we've pooled our efforts and doubled back, started from 'scratch' and sought to create a world with rules that were familiar but fresh, an exciting twist to a classic formula.

Entirely overhauled, Vivere will be relaunching for play on November 18th.

This new and improved Vivere will feature a minorly homebrewed form of Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition ( D&D 5e for short ) Combat systems, and will take place in a homebrew locale set at the edge of the Shining Sea amongst a chain of Isle known as Ivaltyr. The Island Valenti, home of Lord Shoar's small mercantile empire, is calling for adventurers to aid their defense against an enigmatic threat which calls itself ‘the Baron’.

As the calculating monster of a man conquers nearby ocean-bound kingdoms, it becomes clear it’s only a matter of time before he reaches Valenti - will the heroes of near and far be enough to combat this seemingly unstoppable threat, or will he succeed in dominating the last safe haven in the Shining Sea?


For the next week we’ll be going over everyone’s Birthright Applications and itemizing everything that gets accepted. If you have Advanced Race applications as well, now’s a good time to start putting them in - if you’re going to be applying as an AR that you previously had accepted, be sure to make another app with the previously accepted Doc just so we can keep tabs on who’s doing what. This time around there won’t be any Advanced Classes at launch, so you won’t need to worry about those for now!


We’ll be making a few small updates to classes, archetypes, and various systems as we go along, so keep your eyes peeled for any changes happening before launch!


This is the staff team ( and Liz and Alex! ), hoping to see you all soon! 

nBrodie gey
Slayerklaas Good to see shit got done, Looking forward to meeting you bongos and Triangular shapes again.

Hey hey!

The new server will be up and running soon, and in the meantime there's a few things that need to be done to ensure everything goes smoothly come release.

We'll be putting up a brief application for you all to fill out with your Backstories, Backgrounds, and Birthright items that you plan on having for launch. Staff will go over them, approve the good stuff and suggest revisions to the questionable stuff, then prep all the goodies so you can grab and go right off the bat. This is essential if you want your Birthright Items or Exclusive Backgrounds, as everyone will be required to fill these out before being allowed to start with either.

The staff team will stick around on TeamSpeak ( to answer all questions related to the new server. If you don't fully understand the 5e, Birthright, or any other server systems, want to see if a character concept is acceptable, or have any other questions or concerns, we will be happy to assist you. In case you can't catch us on TeamSpeak, you can message us through Enjin!

Stay tuned for further information, and expect one last progress report this Wednesday ( November 8th )!

This is the staff team ( and Liz and Alex <'5 ), signing out o>

spazyak246 Okay, where is this application?

New Map Background

Richi123 @ Vivere
posted Oct 8, 17

- Enter Ivaltyr -

liz took this

The current year is 1500 DR - roughly two centuries have gone by since the island chain of Ivaltyr was settled by an affluent Amnian Lord, Laurence Shoar IV, in hopes of creating a successful trade route between Chult and his home nation within the Shining Sea.

Though the process was a several decade endeavor, he eventually laid claim to the land and established the island Valenti as the site of his capital city, acting as an important facilitator in the neighboring nations imports and exports - this was not without complications, however.

Competition quickly rose to emulate what the young Lord had created, and aristocrats from far and wide have fragmented and forced Ivaltyr into a state of instability and disarray as they waged private wars over land and capital, splitting it among themselves as the Shoar's struggle to protect their waning legacy.

In the present day, a single, foreign, enigmatic Baron conquers island after island, city after city, gradually making his way towards the citadel of prosperity and peace that is Valenti.

Fearing this inevitable clash, the current heir to the Valentian Territory issues a call to all adventurers - a desperate bargain for protection against a force which he believes unstoppable.

- Notable Locations -

Shoar’s Reach

liz took this part two elicric picturloo

Built over a century ago by Lord Laurence Shoar IV, Shoar's Reach acts as a trading hub and a privately owned settlement of the Shoar family. A living city, it has undergone many projects and expansions over the course of its lifetime, causing a clear disparity to have formed between the several districts that were thereafter established. Whilst initially intended to only facilitate trade between neighboring nations, it has since grown to export its own abundant natural resources ( of which are highly varied ) and relay them between Chult and Calimport, some of which inevitably reaching Amn. It is currently ruled by Laurence Shoar VI, grandson of the city's original founder.

Vashalan Cove

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The first of Shoar's settlement on Valenti, Vashalan Cove has since fallen from its former state of prosperity and glory. Built atop the ruins of a stronghold, the shanty city has come to house a remarkably colorful crowd. Though it is often denounced by outsiders for its alleged lawlessness, Vashalan Cove is in truth run by a minimalist council of various, occasionally less 'welcomed' races who collectively vote and decide on pressing issues. The presiding Head of Council is a Half-Orc by the name of Niles Vendittis, whose laissez-faire approach to governing has seen to the gradual restoration of Vashalan Cove by merit of its own citizens. Though the encroaching threat of the Baron has proven troublesome to both sides of Valenti, longstanding grudges have prevented the Vashalan Council from accepting or reciprocating any form of alliance with Shoar's Reach.

Faerie's Rest

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A violent remnant of history, Faerie's Rest remains a purposefully unsettled island north-west of Shoar's Reach, rumored to be riddled with hostile denizens that devour any and all who brave its forests. None in recent times have dared set foot on its rocky shores, and those who did have yet to make it home. Though the danger of the bizarre island is very much real, it has nonetheless taken up a somewhat token role in Valenti's culture, its unknown inhabitants often regarded as boogeymen or troubled specters.

- More Coming Soon! -


Richi123 @ Vivere
posted Aug 10, 17

   Recently, a good chunk of our new map plans have been released to a large group of players, and as such the Vivere staff team would like to clear up any misconceptions and concerns relating to the future of the server.

   Firstly, and perhaps most pressing, Vivere will soon be undergoing a small period of downtime to accomplish the upload of a new map and to finalize plans of creating a new server, which will act as Vivere’s spiritual successor. During this brief downtime, the staff team will be continuing work on several things, listed below.

   One of the key concerns of releasing a new map is the map itself. Currently we’re a good ways along with what we intend to accomplish, however lore, event sites, and minor settlements are our current projects. Along with these core concepts, the staff team is discussing a solution of how to appropriately reward players for the time they’ve spent playing their characters, in regards to making the transition to the new map as seamless as possible. We’re open to any suggestions sent through forums or teamspeak, and would love to hear your opinions.

   Another point of improvement that the staff team has identified is our currently existing systems. With all due respect to the former creators, the current systems we have instantiated are not sustainable and require a significant portion of staff intervention and oversight to use adequately. Furthermore, player characters become quite unbalanced with the abundance of custom skills after a certain point, and the system can only scale to ‘mid range’ level 10 before becoming broken. With the new systems currently being written (soon to be previewed to the player base), we fully intend to fix these issues, make Vivere a more friendly environment for all playstyles, and become more balanced across all levels.

   The last and perhaps most important point that we intend to accomplish with the essential ‘restart’ of the server, is staff attitude and mindset. Currently to many, relations often feel like an ‘us vs them’ situation, with staff tending to players and displaying blatant favoritism, which arguably may be due to misconceptions on both sides of the table. With a fresh start, we’re re-evaluating the player-staff relationship in hopes of creating something better, and more fun to both sides. With less hassle on both ends and revamped ways of handling problems, players should notice an immediate change in the demeanor of many, and be provided a superior experience to what currently is occurring server-side.

   Last but not least, we as a staff team would like to make an apology to our current players. Your loyalty is what keeps us going, and after all - this server is for your benefit, not ours. We intend to provide current players with some form of reward upon the start of the new server, as a ‘thanks’ for sticking with us through this trying time. Stay tuned for more updates.


With regards,

The Vivere Staff Team

Hey there buddy-o pals! I’m here to announce to you the very first COMMUNITY CONTEST! The Staff team know there are grand writers among our playerbase and wish to see your talents shine. Therefore we propose to you as our very first contest… *drumroll*


We’d like for you all to try your best and write a myth, tale, poem, legend, fable. We will be judging the stories on quality, lore-friendliness (and whether it would even fit within the lore) and writing ability. Remember the length of your content does not equal the quality of your content! They can be inspired by - but not copies of existing legend/tales. The winner will be awarded with two things: Your myth/legend will be taken into the lore of the server AND you will get a 12$ worth donation package for winning too!  

Send your entries in to either Cynara, Nymless or Sinaas and they will look over the stories with other staff members. We will announce a winner at the end of the month. Entries are due by the 30th of June.

- SinaasAppelke, the happy foreigner.

FormingCream did i win yet?
Delta Should the lore in question be related to the island, or just to somewhere on Faerun as a whole?
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