Hi there, this is IsaacBravin back with your pseudo-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly news post.  Yet again, not one for lengthy intros, so let's just get down to business.  


Introduction of Xanathar’s Guide to Everything Archetypes

After some fierce discussion and the wholesale cutting of several archetypes from Xanthar’s Guide to Everything, I am pleased to announce we are moving forward with releasing the following archetypes.  I apologize if the archetype you were really hoping for isn’t on this list. The only thing I can say is that we haven’t stopped looking at them. They might still see the light of day, albeit modified from what Wizards actually released.  


It is highly suggested you look at your class, regardless of whether or not your archetype has been altered.

All players will be allowed to change their class archetypes to fit the new Xanthar’s Guide materials if they so desire.  Be certain to run it by an EM first. Keep in mind that if you do choose to change, you will not be permitted to change back without a penalty.

Here’s a proper changelog of what was kept and what wasn’t, along with a brief overview of a few things that were changed.



- Path of the Zealot - Added, Mostly unchanged, though the “Warrior of the Gods” feat can only be utilized at EM’s discretion.  We intend to take resurrections in general on a more case by case basis.  Path of the Zealot barbarians may also expect to have to uphold their god’s creed, or risk falling from grace similar to a paladin or cleric.

- Path of the Ancestral Guide - Added

- Path of the Storm Herald - Added



- College of Glamour - Updated, Added clear stipulation amongst staff that items/custom skills revolving around increasing one’s Spell Save DC are given in extreme moderation. Furthermore, all typical rules pertaining to charms in PvP still apply to this archetype, up to and including the Enthralling Performance feature.

- College of Blades - Added

- College of Whispers - Withheld from release.  We didn’t like the look of a lot of the mechanics, the ability to impersonate a dead creature and such being something we figured could be fairly regularly abused in a setting such as this.  We will continue looking at and tweaking this one in future.



- Forge Domain - Added, please don’t abuse the channel divinity to ruin the economy.  

- Grave Domain - Added,  with a minor alterations to the Sentinel at Death’s Door and Channel Divinity: Path to the Grave features.  Sentinel at Death’s Door was a bit too good, due to most clerics at level 6 having a +4 to Wisdom, ensuring they can cancel out a grand total of 4 critical hits in an event or dungeon, which seemed too good considering the usual length and frequency of crits during events.  Path to the Grave has been changed to ensure that it isn’t used in PvP to create some sort of unfair combo.



- Circle of Dreams - Updated!

- Circle of the Shepard - Added



- Arcane Archer - Added

- Cavalier - Added, keep in mind this class does not get to start off with a mount.

- Samurai - Added, please do not multiclass this with Rogue.



- Way of the Drunken Master - Added

- Way of the Kensei - Added

- Way of the Sun Soul - Added



- Oath of Conquest - Added, again, please do not take this with Rogue.  Searring the tenants of your oath into your flesh is recommended and highly metal, but not a requirement.

- Oath of Redemption - Added, for weirdos that don’t like fighting.



- Gloomstalker - Withheld.  The class is capable of doing 9d6+1d8 damage at level 5 with a greatsword.  Not to say we’re not interested in working on it, but it’ll take some tweaking before its ready for release.

- Horizon Walker - Updated!

- Monster Slayer - Added, though we did remove the ability to see vulnerabilities.  Giving monsters different resistances and other abilities is one of the things we as EMs do to keep the players who have memorized the monster manual or constantly look up stat blocks for whatever they’re fighting on their toes. The “Magic User’s Nemesis” feature was also nerfed slightly to prevent a creature from teleporting, instead of casting and teleporting.

- Revised Ranger - Still being worked on.  Will be ready for release soon™.



- Inquisitive - Added

- Mastermind - Added, with a very minor nerf to their ability to mimic speech.  We extended the amount of time they need to study someone’s speech patterns and accent for in order to perfectly mimic it.

- Scout - Added

- Swashbuckler - Added



- Shadow Magic - Updated!  Please check the page if you are playing one.

- Storm Sorcery - Updated as well, please check the page if you are playing one.

- Divine Soul - Withheld.  Unfortunately, of everything on the withheld list, Divine Soul is likely the one we will /not/ be looking at. The combination of its excellent spell selection and use of metamagic feats with cleric spells makes it very hard to balance, and thus we’ve decided to exclude it.  We might have a look at it later down the line, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.



- Celestial Pact - Added

- Hexblade - Added

*Of note, there are several new Eldritch Invocations that can be taken with XGTE.  Feel free to have a look at those.



- War Magic - Withheld.  Wizard already has a truly massive level of customization, from spell selection to chosen school.  Furthermore, the main issue we saw with adding war magic is it just doesn’t seem to click with much of the setting.  You’ve got your abjurers, your conjurers, your evokers, your necromancers, and then you have Mr. Warmage, the guy that can’t seem to decide whether or not he’s an abjurer or an evoker and just sort of stands in the middle. Wizard is designed in a way that the best way to continue customizing it is with the introduction of new spells, something we can hopefully do when we take a better look at SCAG and the XGTE spells.  So for now, nothing for our friends in pointy hats and robes.  

World Event Arc: The Kidnapping of Lady Cordelia Longstock

Tragedy struck at the Feast of Remembrance amidst the Dance of the Winter Queen as young Lady Cordelia Longstock, visiting from the Evergreen Isle of Ivaltyr was kidnapped by an unknown agent working for a mysterious benefactor who signed his orders as “13”.  Lord Laurence Shoar has established a new quest board to help coordinate a search and rescue attempt.  A ten thousand gold piece bounty has been established, and a title promised to whoever can return Lady Cordelia to Shoar’s Reach safely.

This is a server-wide event arc, in which cooperation will be an absolute necessity. We will hopefully be having events pertaining to the arc up within the next week or two.

Training and Crafting

The first iterations of the Training and Crafting systems have been posted to the forums. Training thus far feels like its in a pretty good place, but crafting is likely something we’ll be fleshing out further as we gather the time and resources to make it deeper. We are already looking at a few things to change that will likely see implementation in the coming months. For now though, both systems are at the very least functional and available for your use.

Multiclassing Rules

A more official post regarding multiclassing rules will be going up sometime in the next week, but the general summary is as follows:


  • Multiclassing still has the same stat requirements as it does in 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons.
  • We ask that you remain sensible in your multiclassing options.  Only take things that make sense for your character from a narrative standpoint.
  • You may only multiclass into three classes total.
  • Staff always reserves the right to deny a multiclass if we feel as though it would make a character unfair to play against.  Broken builds aren’t fun for anybody.

That’s all for now, we hope you all have a wonderful new year as we approach 2018!


~The Vivere Staff Team

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