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By IsaacBravin - Posted Dec 20, 17

Seasons Greetings,


This is a post-release announcement to make an official statement and fill you all in on what it is we’re currently working on, and what we’re currently planning on addressing. I’m not one for lengthy intros, so let’s dive right in shall we?

Upcoming Release of Xanthar’s Guide to Everything Materials

Pretty much from the week after release, a couple of staff members have been working on starting to adapt the material from the most recent rulebook, Xanthar’s Guide to Everything. So far, we’ve managed to get the class archetypes prepared, barring staff discussion about how a few things are going to be handled, such as the Zealot’s ability to be resurrected for no material cost. Spells are currently being worked on, and will likely have a lot more scrutiny being placed on them.  Our current projected release date for Xanthar’s class archetypes is around New Years, though we could have them out a little bit earlier, or a bit later than that. We’re also still bouncing Wild Magic Sorcerer around, seeing as they are a part of core D&D 5e that some of us think should be implemented.

Addressing the Recent Lack of Content

Following the re-implementation of the quest board system, I think everybody has noticed there hasn’t been much added to them following the initial wave. We apologize for this, and while I don’t want to make too many excuses, the big reason why the board hasn’t been updated is due to the fact that the EMs involved have been pretty busy.  That being said, we’ll be looking to end this little content drought soon, and possibly reimbursing people for the recent lack of exp and progression. Nothing is set in stone yet, but needless to say we intend on keeping up with a certain content quota and standard of quality moving forward, though I’d be remiss not to mention there will not be other times where this may occur.  All we can do is ensure they are few and far between moving forward. Writer’s block, distractions, and spending time with family during the holidays are an eventuality of what we do, and it’ll occasionally lead to periods of atrophy such as this.


Community Discussion Night

Recent events have left a lot of players feeling as though their feedback hasn’t been being heard, and as such the community will be trying to hold a discussion night. The first of which will be Friday, December 22nd at 1 PM Pacific Standard Time. We intend on these meetings to be either monthly or bi-monthly depending on the state of the server as a whole. We will also be attempting to take notes on what was discussed and having them be made publically available to those who cannot attend. That being said, we as a team have vowed to try to increase our transparency in future.


Professions and Training Systems

As unfulfilling as this may sound, the best I can say regarding the implementation of a system for crafting and training is that both are relatively far along in development, and will likely require some community input in regards to how exactly we’d like to fine tune them. Hopefully, we’ll have something set up in the next week or so.


Dance of the Winter Queen

The people of Shoar’s Reach seem to be busily preparing for the annual Faerie Festival, an event which changes its starting date each year due to operating on the Fae calendar. This year, the townspeople are all readying their fanciest clothing and preparing for the accompanying feasts that come with the Dance of the Winter Queen. This primarily passive event chain will begin later this month. We’ll be getting more details out as we continue preparing the event, but for now, I suggest you all prepare your best formal wear, brush up on your instrumental skills and table manners, and ready yourselves for a celebration.  


That’s all for now, we’ll keep you all updated in the near future,


Happy Holidays!


~The Vivere Staff Team

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