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By Your mom - Posted Nov 8, 17

Hey hey!


As promised, here’s one final progress report to go ahead and catch you all up to speed on our plans for release! I’ll try and keep this one brief and to the point -


For the past few months Vivere has undergone a 'developmental hibernation', taking some time to remedy the system and settling issues that made the previous map of Glistham such a troubled and turmoilous place. Since then we've pooled our efforts and doubled back, started from 'scratch' and sought to create a world with rules that were familiar but fresh, an exciting twist to a classic formula.

Entirely overhauled, Vivere will be relaunching for play on November 18th.

This new and improved Vivere will feature a minorly homebrewed form of Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition ( D&D 5e for short ) Combat systems, and will take place in a homebrew locale set at the edge of the Shining Sea amongst a chain of Isle known as Ivaltyr. The Island Valenti, home of Lord Shoar's small mercantile empire, is calling for adventurers to aid their defense against an enigmatic threat which calls itself ‘the Baron’.

As the calculating monster of a man conquers nearby ocean-bound kingdoms, it becomes clear it’s only a matter of time before he reaches Valenti - will the heroes of near and far be enough to combat this seemingly unstoppable threat, or will he succeed in dominating the last safe haven in the Shining Sea?


For the next week we’ll be going over everyone’s Birthright Applications and itemizing everything that gets accepted. If you have Advanced Race applications as well, now’s a good time to start putting them in - if you’re going to be applying as an AR that you previously had accepted, be sure to make another app with the previously accepted Doc just so we can keep tabs on who’s doing what. This time around there won’t be any Advanced Classes at launch, so you won’t need to worry about those for now!


We’ll be making a few small updates to classes, archetypes, and various systems as we go along, so keep your eyes peeled for any changes happening before launch!


This is the staff team ( and Liz and Alex! ), hoping to see you all soon! 

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