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Thanks to Rebound for drawing this!
Hak Kovach
"Just as any person you see in life can be your enemy, as such any you see may also be your ally. So always seek the better alternative with each person you meet."

Physical Details:
Race: Human
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Weight: 210lb
Appearance: Hak is a mesomorph build standing at 5'2. He always has a focused expression on his face even when in pain or distress. His posture is rigid like that of a well trained soldier and every motion he makes seems to have purpose behind it. Outside of a private environment he never removes his helm, as he understands the danger of showing his face in a public area. On his hip is a simple designed Nodachi, tied to a bandolier with five compartments on the back.
Health: Good.
Voice: A calm continuous medium low voice, that doesn't seem to ever waver.
Hygiene: He always makes sure he is clean.
Psychological Details:
Selected Background: Mercenary Veteran
Personality: He is always respectful to those around him, even people he has just met.
Faith: Hak believes in honoring his ancestors and maintaining their traditions.
Intelligence: Hak is of average intelligence but his constant study of subjects relevant to his work keeps him knowledgeable.
Common Mood: Calm.
Combat Training: Trained in the art of war and the blade from a young age.
Weapon of Choice: A two handed weapon.
Armour Style: Medium.
Fighting Style: Focused on the primary objective, be that to protect or attack is dependent on what is happening.

Linguistic Skill:

Common - Completely Fluent
(“+” denotes positive traits, “-” denotes negative traits, “=” denotes neutral traits.)
(+) [Loyal]
Given enough time Hak will perceive you as an ally that he can trust, after doing such and passing through his inspection of character he will risk himself for you. But in turn he expects the same from those he trusts in this way, so he chooses carefully.

(+) [Self-controlled]
Hak is not one for outbursts of greed or hunger for glory, he won't be tempted easily and keeps his own ambitions conserved. You will never find him drunk or having had spent too much money on things he did not need, but in this nature he also understands that there are times to have fun.

(+) [Respectful]
Upon first meeting him he will never be rude or unkind unless at first he is insulted, and even then he will not become angered. No matter the person he is speaking to he treats them of the same standing, as in the world a beggar could perhaps be a powerful mage in disguise.

(=) [Couragous]
In the line of duty Hak will never back down from the goal at hand. As well as in life he will always strive to be morally correct in his actions no matter the difficulty of doing so.

(=) [Merciful]
Hak will provide those who he deems it the chance to make up for their injustice, as those who walk this world may have many reasons for what they will do. He will always offer what he can spare to those who need it, but isn't naive enough to not know that some may seek to abuse this.

(=) [Honest]
Hak is always direct with what he wants and what his goals are, he will never try to skirt around a problem presented to him. He believes that one who relied on lies and deceit to earn their place is one with no worth.

(=) [Honorbound]
Given any situation Hak will follow the code of honor that he was taught since birth, which is what shapes his personality even to this day. He will never break character and if he does ever break his code he expects no less of his own death.

(---) [Justice above all]
Those who have flaunted in full knowledge and purpose broken the law or practiced injustice upon those around them deserve nothing less then death. This applies to those who purposefully make a living off the suffering and destruction of other peoples lives, he will give them no quarter.
|Acquaintance| |Associate| |Ally| |Friend| |Bound| |Crush| |Love| |Soulmate| |Dislike| |Hatred|
"I hope you understand how much I missed you in the three years we were apart, even if I cannot come up with the right words to tell you."

"Someone who has proved their loyalty to me so far, which has shown that they will work hard towards the success of this clan and those in it."

"A previous member of my clan, I expect to see good performance out of him in the days to come."

"A very morally aligned and pleasant person to talk to. She took the time to speak to me of personal matters, and that shows at least a small portion of trust to me."

"A small mute girl, I have not been around them enough to call them a friend yet."

I am really bad with names, like really really bad. So I'll probably be need told if you want to see your characters name up in the relationships area.
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