Art Credit: qsy-draws-a-lot
Dame Kassandra Eidbrandt
"Demons and zeir Cultists took everyzing from me, my Home,
my Village, my Aunt, und my Light...I vill take back a hundred fold."

Physical Details:
Race: Planetouched
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Weight: 176
Appearance: You see before you a rather tall planetouched woman of 6'2 feet tall. Beautiful and youthful features upon her grey skin that stands against the masculine hairstyle and broad shoulders. Her eyes a piercing white that radiates with a faint glow, short black hair kept in a formal style. Often seen wearing her bronze-colored chainmail with gathered plates attached to it, and her full helm. Carrying a longsword at the hip and a shield attached to her back. Her posture being rather strict and formal.
Health: Healthy enough to live their dangerous lifestyle
Voice: Imagine Brianne of Tarth if they were German
Hygiene: She keeps maintenance of her equipment and self, not wanting to bring shame to her Knightly Order
Psychological Details:
Selected Background: Knight of the Order
Personality: Cold, Distant, Formal and Dedicated to her cause.
Faith: Faithless
Intelligence: Knowledgable about the Occult and experienced with Tarokka Cards
Common Mood: Formal and Emotionally Distant
Habits: Often has her hand resting on the pommel of her Longsword to give the sensation of safety.
-To Discover and destroy Abyssal Cults
-To protect their allies and save innocents from suffering the same fate as she did.
-To live by the Tenets of her Knightly Order and to die by them if need be.

Combat Training: Trained by a Veteran Knight as a Squire
Weapon of Choice: Sword and Board
Armour Style: Heavy Armor
Fighting Style: Brutal Offense followed by Tactical manuvers and Defense.

Linguistic Skill:

Common - Fluent
??? - Fluent
??? - Fluent
(“+” denotes positive traits, “-” denotes negative traits, “=” denotes neutral traits.)
(+) [loyal]
'Kassandra puts the needs of others above her own, she will die for her cause and will die for those who have earned her trust.'

(+) [honest]
'Kassandra is not one to hide behind words, she is blunt and to the point.'

(+) [courageous]
'Kassandra is unyielding in her mission and is willing to stare down death itself defiantly.'

(=) [focused]
'Kassandra is a woman married to her work, she is almost focused on whatever her goal seems to be at the time.'

(=) [formal]
'Kassandra keeps up appearances and holds a business first kind of approach.'

(-) [bleak]
'Kassandra believes firmly that her fate is cursed and that fate cannot be changed.'

(-) [cold]
'Kassandra has lost much in her youth, this has caused her to push away any attempts at friendships and desires to become important to someone's life.'

|Acquaintance| |Associate| |Ally| |Friend| |Bound| |Crush| |Love| |Soulmate| |Dislike| |Hatred|

"She is far too kind to me zan I deserve"

"Fellow Dedicated Varrior who is villing to be a sparring partner. I thank zem for zeir hospitality."

"I respect his dedication to his cause, and find zat our goals align, I look forvard to vorking vith zem in ze future."

|Demons and the Abyssal Cultists|
"No Mercy to ze foul spawns of ze Abyss, if you serve zem; villing or not, you are a threat and must be put down."