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Server Information
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A collection of the server's rules that you will be required to know.
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By Cythere Apr 12, 18
Important resources to help start a new adventure.
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By Cuisine™ Feb 7, 18
Guides for both the server mechanics and roleplay.
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By Five_
Five_ @ Vivere
Apr 28, 18
Any large additions to the server will be posted here.
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By Cythere Apr 21, 16
Official news and announcements.
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By Cuisine™ Sat at 09:57 pm
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The area for discussing non-server subjects.
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By JimBlob_ 14 hours ago
Player created art and character concepts.
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By OutdatedPhotoMan Jun 4, 18
A spot for any and all forum games.
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By spazyak246 Feb 7, 18
A spot for suggestions for the server.
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By Richi123
Richi123 @ Vivere
Jun 10, 18
A subforum where you may post a biography or information about your character.
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By Nadine5Ever Sat at 03:07 am
Staff Section
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The current list of each and every staff member, along with a bio for each of them.
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The World
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Custom creatures that roam our land, numerous in variety.
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Custom plants that can be found far and wide.
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The structure and placement of the land, and it's landmarks.
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By Cuisine™ May 21, 18
Well known and spread tales for sharing over a dimly lit fire.
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By Erinaco Apr 8, 18
A spot to find deities, dogmas, and any other information involving gods.
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By Beastofawesome Oct 26, 17
A list of settlements, and information on each.
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By Cuisine™ Jun 5, 18
A spot for any guilds or organizations in Ivaltyr
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By Nevis May 26, 18
Any events or characters with fleshed out descriptions. To be listed here, you must be documented in-game by an official scholar on Ivaltyr
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By Carnyveil Jun 13, 16
The various market stalls and businesses located in Ivaltyr.
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By LewisBMX Sun at 10:28 am
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